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Indulge in our VINADA® Rosé, a delightful vegan non-alcoholic sparkling wine that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. This mindful option, with only 22 kcal per 100ml, offers a guilt-free indulgence. Sourced from the notable Spanish wine-growing region of La Mancha, our sparkling wine is expertly crafted from a unique blend of Tempranillo grapes. The lively bubbles stimulate and refresh your senses, making it a great choice for moments when you desire a glass of wine, but prefer to avoid alcohol. VINADA®'s Tinteling Tempranillo offers a tasteful, festive, and award-winning alternative that has been a part of our family since 2018. Celebrate responsibly and take care of yourself - with VINADA, you can have it all.




Tasting note:
A fruity, dry wine with nuances of red fruit. The Rosé has a refreshing taste, contains fine bubbles, a harmonious acidity and subtle tannins.



Alcohol 0% Vol.
Halal No
Grape Tempranillo
Origin Spain
Region La Mancha
Vegan Yes
Aroma Fruity, with red fruit (strawberry, redcurrant, raspberry)
Wine Food Pairing Perfect as an aperitif, with a salad, desserts
Drinking temperature 6-8°C
Closure Natural cork
Allergens Contains Sulphites 
Content consumer unit 750 ml / 25 fl oz.
Storage Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days


    per 100 ml

      Energy 93,7 kJ
      Calories 22,4 kcal
      Protein 0,2 g
      Carbohydrate 5,0 g
      Sugars 5,0 g
      Fat 0 g
      Thereof saturated fat 0 g
      Salt <0,1 g
      Sodium <5 mg
      Calcium <10 mg
      Iron <0,5 mg

      From Grape to Wine to 0%

      The grapes are fermented and aged according to the traditional winemaking method. During this traditional vinification, the grapes are bruised very carefully and the skins begin to release their coloring to the juice. Once our VINADA winemaker is satisfied with the shade, the grapes are gently pressed and the skins and juice separated. Fermentation then continues.    

      The wine is de-alcoholised just before bottling. De-alcoholization takes place by means of vacuum extraction: The fully fermented base wine is de-alcoholized under vacuum at a low temperature. The temperature is crucial for the taste. The lower the temperature during de-alcoholization, the more aromas and thus taste are preserved. This process takes place at the prefect temperature and is a well-kept VINADA® secret. The volatile aromas of the wine are extracted simultaneously with the alcohol. The aromas are returned directly to the de-alcoholised wine. The wine is then purified, filtered and stabilized.




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